Pousada Santa Clara - Presentation:

View over the Pousada Santa Clara

Our Santa Clara lodge was built from the farm Santa Clara, already in existence for over thirty years, and by honouring the regional Pantanal features of the farm, the lodge itself got its heart and personality. In harmony with the lodge, the old farm Santa Clara is still alive, hand in hand with nature and along with its natural marvels, this coexistence between the Pantanal’s scarce human inhabitants and their highly bio diversificated environment has always been an important feature in making the Pantanal such a special place.

The Santa Clara farm has been a pioneer in eco-tourism for the Southern Pantanal region and has been transformed gradually into a lodge. Under its current management, it was restructured in 2003 and by than already fully focussing on ecotourism. The lodge’s property covers an area of 1,700 ha., well preserved in its natural state

Today, we provide our visitors with a unique experience in wildlife observation, brought with a flavour of nostalgia related to the old farm and all this without sacrificing comfort.

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