How to go there

The Santa Clara lodge is accessible year round and by different means of transport. It is located deep inside the Pantanal following the Estrada Parque road.

The overland access is initiated over the BR-262 highway, which links Corumbá to Campo Grande. Travelling through Aquidauana and Miranda in the direction of Corumbá, until arrival at the Forest Police station of Buraco das Piranhas. Here you find the entrance directly into the Pantanal by means of the Estrada Parque. Following the Estrada Parque until km-22, you’ll arrive at Santa Clara’s private entrance road. Over land, Santa Clara is accessible both during the wet as well as the dry season.

Our Agency Santa Clara provides daily transports between Campo Grande and the Santa Clara Lodge in air conditioned vehicles. According to your preferences, transports may be either collective or private.

Santa Clara is located on the banks of the River Abobral, which allows, during most of the wet season, the arrival by boat.

The lodge has a runway for small aircraft, though operational only during the dry season in the Pantanal. Helicopters may also land.