Pousada Santa Clara - Activities:

Walking tour

In order to show you the best of what the Pantanal has to offer, the Santa Clara Lodge includes a variety of tours and activities, all of them in the presence of one of our expert guides:

Walking tour

Ideal to get an insight to the Pantanal’s rich flora, including the medicinal properties of a wide variety of plants. The Walking tour is also the activity most suitable for observation of birds and butterflies, and since walking is relatively noiseless, there is a high possibility of unexpected encounters with all kinds of other animals.


Photo Safari

The Safari is done by car and thus enables us to explore a larger area. We will travel along the Park Road, deep into the Pantanal, over a number of small wooden bridges where at each crossing new surprises may await us. Thanks to an excellent view from the top of our open vehicle, the chances of spotting a variety of wildlife are high and the Safari is a tour particularly suited for photography, also including plenty of opportunities to catch the Pantanal’s beautiful landscapes.

Horse Riding

Certainly one of our most popular activities. Both in the wet and the dry season, the horse is a wonderful means of transport for wildlife viewing in the Pantanal. The horses in the Pantanal are used to enter the water and will not hesitate to do so. Thanks to his high position, the rider’s field visibility is excellent. Noise levels are low, which again favours unexpected encounters.

Boat tour

Boat trip

Water is a key element in the ecosystem of the Pantanal and it exists in abundance for most of the year, making the boat a great option for touring. The view of the landscape we have from within the boat shows a different side of the Pantanal and gives us great opportunities to observe elements of flora and fauna difficult to spot in overland tours.


If the Pantanal shows plenty of life during the day, the night seems to double the activities of the local fauna. As soon as the sun sets, the most unusual sounds emerge from out of the dark to fuse into a magnificent concert where the many frogs and toads compete for the audience’s attention with the millions of insects. Using a powerful flashlight, the guide shows the fascinating night shift of the Pantanal’s wildlife. According to the season, the tour may be done by car or by boat. Oh and uh…..please don´t forget to take a look at the most amazingly starlit skies you’ll ever see.

Piranha fishing


The most famous fish and feared by many, the Piranha is one of the most common inhabitants of the waters of the Pantanal. It constitutes much of the Alligator’s diet and its taste is also much appreciated by humans. As one of the activities during your stay, Piranha fishing can be practiced by even the least inexperienced fishermen and our lodge’s cuisine masterfully prepares the catch of the day, fried or in the form of soup.

Eco-Day Walk

For the adventure people we organize a day out,departures time everyday after breakfast spend a full day out to enjoy all the fauna and flora of our paradise called Pantanal.